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A successful result requires an EXACT match. The fewer fields you enter, the better your results. Start by selecting a Country and then a State or Province in the Location field. If you receive too many results, consider adding additional information to narrow your search results.
When searching by Name you can enter a first or last name, but an exact match is required, so if you are searching for a person named "Joseph" consider also trying "Joe."


Terms of Use

The information in this directory is for reference only.  You may not copy as a marketing source, a mail list of any type, or use the names for any purpose of financial gain.  The member data may not be used for any purpose, or storing or copying the information on any medium.


The American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC) is a membership organization and not a licensing agency.  Thus, AAPC does not examine, determine, or warrant the competence of any member listed in the AAPC Directory.  Any use of this Directory to locate a member is wholly voluntary and solely at the user's discretion.  By voluntarily making use of the AAPC Directory, the user assumes any and all risks related to use of the Directory, and waives any and all claims against AAPC.  In no event shall AAPC be liable for damages to any user of the Directory for the user's selection of any member from the Directory, for the services provided by any member listed herein, or for any other damages which may occur.  All members have agreed to abide by the AAPC Ethics Guidelines.  AAPC does not verify licenses or license numbers of members nor does it warrant the authority of any listed member to practice lawfully in any state.