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The Southeast Region of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors hosts an annual regional conference each October at the Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, NC.  During this meeting, attendees enjoy fellowship, conduct the business of the Region, and gain access to excellent plenary and workshop presenters - earning valuable CEUs in the process! The AAPC Southeastern Region Annual Meeting is open to ALL mental health professionals, students, pastoral ministers and anyone else interested in enriching their understanding of the vocation and integration of Pastoral Counseling.

2013 SE FALL Regional Meeting - Click here for more details

October 25 - 27, 2013 - The Kanuga Conference Center, Hendersonville, NC

The Cascade of Transformation:
Restoring Resilience Using Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy

Plenary Speaker: Eileen M. Russell, Ph.D.

                                      Eileen Russell - SE 2013 Keynote

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) is a healing-oriented, attachment- and neuroscience-based model of therapeutic change. Psychodynamic in theoretical foundation and affect-oriented and experiential in approach, AEDP assumes that even psychopathology reflects a person's best efforts at adaptation. It also assumes that wired into our humanity are striving for growth, connection, and healing. AEDP seeks to facilitate a new, corrective emotional experience with the client from the outset of therapy and to establish a secure attachment relationship, in which bodily-rooted experiences of emotion, relatedness, and self can be processed and reflected upon. AEDP is always on the lookout for resilience and transformation-both to support resilience and transformation and to use them to help clients who are stuck, struggling or suffering.

At our 2013 Conference, Eileen Russell will introduce AEDP theory and techniques. Using videotape of live sessions with a range of clients, she will demonstrate this powerful model of healing, offer applications of this model for use in our practices, and engage with us in theological reflection ion the dynamics of therapeutic change.

Eileen Russell is a psychologist in private practice in New York City and Senior Faculty and founding member of the AEDP Institute. A life-long Roman Catholic, she is highly interested in developing dialogue between AEDP and various spiritual practices and orientations, and this is what drew her to AEDP in the first place. She is the author ofRestoring Resilience: Transformative Therapy at Work, which is in press with W. W. Norton & Co.

Online Conference Registration:  Coming soon via the Southwest Region website.  A link will be provided.

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SE Regional Conference SAVE THE DATE!

Dear Friends:

Greetings! Our annual conference is October 25-27, 2013, once again at Kanuga Conference Center outside Hendersonville, North Carolina. This year's theme is Transformation and Resilience:  Helping Clients Using Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP).  AEDP brings together psychodynamic theory and attachment theory and places emphasis on the transformative potential of the therapeutic relationship. Our presenter, Dr. Eileen Russell, is a senior faculty member of the AEDP Institute in New York, New York, and has a strong interest in making theological connections to her work with clients.

The Program Committee has already received proposals for workshops on play therapy with children and on the integration of psychotherapy and spirituality. The committee invites workshop proposals in a variety of other areas:

            1. Couples Therapy (as clinically practical as possible)

            2. Multicultural Issues (as clinically practical as possible)

            3. Individual Therapy (again, as clinically practical as possible)

            4. Ethics

            5. Supervision (for supervisors who need continuing ed credit)

            6. Addiction

            7. Business aspects of pastoral counseling (for new therapists and         therapists of all ages)

            8. Sexuality

            9. Neurobiology and Pastoral Counseling

Offering a workshop is a way to contribute to the others' practical learning and to the growth of our field of pastoral counseling. If you would consider developing a workshop in one of these areas, or some other, please email Russell Siler Jones (russell@silerjonescounseling.com) or Nick DeJesus (ndejesus@wakehealth.edu).

Thank you.




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