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 Region includes

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  • New York
  • Canadian Province of Ontario


2014 AAPC Eastern/Northeast Conference

The AAPC Eastern/Northeast Regions are pleased to announce the 2014 AAPC Eastern/Northeast Regional Fall Conference, Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Counseling: Convergence and Divergence November 7-8, in Williamstown, Massachusetts.  The presenter is Colleen Sharka, MA, LMHC, a licensed psychotherapist and trained spiritual director, serves as the Director of Spiritual Formation & Accompaniment at Still Harbor's Center for Discernment & Action in South Boston.

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Eastern Leadership  -- Contact Information

Chair: Wayne Gustafson -  dr.w.gustafson@gmail.com

Vice Chair: Joshua Jong

Secretary: Jean Fitzpatrick

Treasurer: Angella Son

Formation: Hennie Lavengood,

Leadership Development: Thea Crites

Certification: Paul Pitkin

Theological and Social Concerns: Penny Gadzini

Emerging Professionals and Scholars Task Force - Kelly Murphy Mason


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