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Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces
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VOLUME 6, 2014

This issue contains articles that address the topic of best practices in pastoral care and counseling. I wish to extend a special thanks to Joyce Ann Mercer, Virginia Theological Seminar, in Alexandria, Virginia, who served as guest editor for this issue. Thanks also for the contributors for their hard work and insights.

Ryan LaMothe, Editor, Sacred Spaces: The E-Journal of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors

A Note from the Editor- Ryan LaMothe

A Note from the Guest Editor- Joyce Ann Mercer - Virginia Theological Seminary

Childhood Studies and Pastoral Counseling -Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore

The Challenge and Power of Location and Role: Pastoral Counseling in the Lives of Children with Disabilities and their Families -Bill Gaventa, M.Div.

Children and Violence in the Acute Medical Setting: A Search for Theological Understanding, Ritual, and Blessing -Mary Lynn Dell, MD, D.Min.

A Cloud of Unknowing: Articulations of Identity and Faith in Younger Adolescents -Katherine Turpin, Ph.D.

Riddles and Jokes: Growing Children's Use of Humor in Response to Societal Demands for Rational Thinking -Donald Capps

Sense and Nonsense in the Wisdom of Dr. Seuss -Herbert Anderson, Ph.D.




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