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Information On Journals

Information on Journals


An Online Pastoral Care Resource for Ministry

Caring Connections is a quarterly, inter-Lutheran online pastoral care journal dealing with a broad spectrum of issues relevant to chaplaincy, pastoral counseling, clinical pastoral education and parish ministry. The latest issue focuses on "Pastoral Care and Suicide."  Examples of previous issues include "Pastoral Care and Criminal Justice," "Sacred Spaces in an Increasingly Diverse Culture," "Pastoral Care and Intentional Interim Ministries," "Pastoral Care and Addictions," "Pastoral Care and Dementia," and "Disaster Response."  The editors and editorial board of this freee-journal invite you, as a spiritual care provider, to go to www.caringconnectionsonline.org and discover how this resource can inform your ministry.


Reflective Practice-Volume 32 is   now available FREE at http://journals.sfu.ca/rpfs

Reflective Practice: Formation and Supervision in Ministry seeks to provide a framework for reflection on supervision and formation for a range of ministries, in a variety of contexts, and from different faith traditions. Reflective Practice is an OPEN ACCESS JOURNAL FREE to anyone with internet access.  The URL is http://journals.sfu.ca/rpfs  No registration is necessary.    The theme for Volume 32 is "Virtues in Formation and Supervision."  To read Volume 32, simply click on Current. Volumes dating back 2001(when it was The Journal of Supervision and Training in Ministry) are available by clicking on Archives.  Hard copies of back issues of The Journal of Supervision and Training in Ministry and volumes 27-29 of Reflective Practice are available FREE for the cost of shipping.  Check the Website www.Reflective-Practice.org for information about ordering hard copies of back issues and Volume 32.   



  • Rev. Clinton D. McNair retires:Rev. Clinton D. McNair, Ph.D., retires from Seattle University School of Theology & Ministry+more
  • 2 Websites on Community Behavioral Health:MentalHealth.gov is an online “library” for people looking for information about mental health. (SAMHSA) will soon release a Toolkit for Community Conversations About Mental Health to support communities interested in holding discussions about mental health using consistent information and approaches. +more
  • Fulfilling the Behavioral Health Care Agenda:Fulfilling the Behavioral Health Care Agenda+more
  • AAPC Best Practices for Electronic Media:The Judicial Ethics Panel of AAPC has developed this set of "Best Practices for AAPC Members in Relation to Electronic Communication." +more


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