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The American Association of Pastoral Counselors exists for, among other purposes, "the promotion of the ministry of pastoral counseling" and for "the promotion of professional competence, support and growth of pastoral counselors."  The Association believes these purposes are partially fulfilled through the establishment of centers in which pastoral counselors engage in a specialized ministry, and where training for both specialists and generalists is available.  Association and Regional Institutional Accreditation Committees (IAC) have been established by the Association to:

1. Establish and maintain standards for the accreditation of service centers and approval of training programs, which will insure that persons seeking help or training from such centers will receive the best possible services.

2. Assure that counseling or training is delivered with honesty, integrity and adherence to the best possible ethical standards.

3. Serve as an authoritative guide for those who seek the services of a counseling center or training in pastoral care and counseling.

Institutional Accreditation Committee:

IAC Chair, Carla Lang, Psy.D.    (336) 538-8582 Email: clang@armc.com


ATLANTIC: W. Victor Maloy, D.Min (804) 282-8332    wvm.vipcare@verizon.net
EASTERN: Marie Johnson, Ed.D.
NORTHEAST: William (Bill) Manseau, D.Min wmanseau@emmausinstituteinc.org
PACIFIC : Sheryll Prinz-McMillan, M.Div. (909) 793-1078 smcmillan@ccs-cares.org
ROCKY MOUNTAIN/PLAINS: Tom Thompson, Th.M.(801)-486-8354 revtgt@hotmail.com
SOUTHEAST: Robert R. Lutz, Ph.D. (850) 223-2131 lutzrclutz@fairpoint.net  



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