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GIVE AN HOUR for the Troops 


Four major mental health associations in the United States, American Association of Pastoral Counselors, American Psychiatric Association, American Psychological Association, and National Association of Social Workers, announced their support of"Give an Hour,"a non-profit organization providing free mental health counseling to returning troops and their families.  It is unprecedented that these organizations have come together in support of a single cause, underlining the importance of the services that these professionals believe"Give an Hour"is providing and recognizing the urgency of getting help to the brave men and women who have served our country.

This partnership will allow"Give an Hour"to reach 400,000 mental health professionals with a call to action to join their network. 




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  • 2014/2015 Dues - Payment Due Date June 30th:2014/2015 Dues - Payment Due Date June 30th+more


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