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  • Expansion of Mental Health Care Hits Obstacles When access is scarce:Expansion of Mental Health Care Hits Obstacles When access is scarce LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Terri Hall’s anxiety was back, making her hands shake as she tried to light a cigarette on the stoop of her faded apartment building. She had no appetite, and her mind galloped as she grasped for an answer to her latest setback. +more
  • SE Region Holds Event for Emerging Professionals & Scholars in Nashville & Charlotte:Theological students, counseling students, and those new to the counseling profession often have interest in dealing with the spiritual components of the issues with which they are presented in pastoral care and counseling situations. AAPC is in unique position to assist these “Emerging Professionals and Scholars” with spiritually integrative aspects of care. To help introduce the unique concepts of Pastoral Counseling to these emerging professionals, the Southeast Region of AAPC partnered with +more
  • In Rural States 'Pastoral Counselors' Help Fill Mental Health Gap:Mental health therapists most often leave issues of faith outside their office doors, even for patients who are religious. But one class of counselors believes a nonsectarian model doesn’t serve everyone equally well.+more
  • New Researh in Integrated Care:Being at the forefront of one of the most promising approaches to care, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest research. Providing quality integrated care involves understanding the newest information and trends regarding co-occurring physical and behavioral health conditions and models of integrated care, +more


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