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Staff Directory and Responsibilities

AAPC Staff Directory and Responsibilities

Douglas M. Ronsheim, D. Min., Executive Director                                     Doug@aapc.org

Responsible for the Association Administration and Operations; furthering the Mission of the AAPC, Advocacy, Fund Raising and Networking.


Ann L. Martin,Director of Administrative Services                                    Ann@aapc.org

Responsible for the daily operations and personnel; assists Executive Director; supports the Board of Directors and the leadership; and editor of the"Volunteers' Reference Handbook and Guide."


Barbara Nyman                                                                     Membership@aapc.org

Responsible for all areas relative to individual and institutional membership activities; liaison to Certification, and Institutional Accreditation committees; responsible for the monitoring of the info@aapc.org mailbox; blasts, membership lists and e-label requests; and responsible for Continuing Education Credits program.


Melanie McNulty  Bookkeeper  (Monday 1-6 and Wednesday 7-5)       Bookkeeper@aapc.org

Responsible for all bookkeeping tasks, to include payables, receivables, reconciliation, monthly statements, records, reports and audit preparation; staff payroll and records; and meeting and conference finances and registration. Melanie is in the office Mondays and Wednesday afternoons.


Brenda L. Martin,  Administrative Assistant (Part-time Tues - Thurs)       Brenda@aapc.org

Administrative duties to include telephone, mail, blasts; maintenance of the receivable and publications logs; database changes, lists, and provides clerical and administrative support for the annual conference; and assists other members of the staff when requested.


Sharon A. Sheflett, Meetings /Communications  (Part-time Mon - Wed)       Sharon@appc.org

Liaison to Program Planning and Local Arrangements Committees, Conference and Meeting development, logistic and planning.  Administrative support for communications and assists other members of the staff.


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