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Joint Leadership Meeting

The 2nd Annual Leadership Meeting will be held On March 15 and 16 2013.  The plan at this time is to have the same committee and groups attend that attended in 2012. The meeting will be at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, VA.  More information will be coming but please mark your calendars to arrive on the afternoon evening of the 14 of March, the meeting will begin at 9:00 am on Friday morning and run through Saturday evening.


 Summary to be published soon.

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Leadership Meeting 2012

The Board of Directors, Committees, Regional Chairs, Division Leadership and Task Force Members met in joint sessions before the Leesburg Conference. In tune with this year's conference theme of "Construction and Collaboration" and in keeping with our new structure for the association, the Board of Directors revised the format for this year's pre-conference meetings of committees, divisions, regional chairs and the board itself.  The aim was to strategize and coordinate the work of each major component of the association so that we can move ahead with the mission of AAPC efficiently and effectively. The participation and processing in sessions went well and good work was done.  There will be more information presented as the the goals of the Mission are addressed. 



  • Rev. Clinton D. McNair retires:Rev. Clinton D. McNair, Ph.D., retires from Seattle University School of Theology & Ministry+more
  • 2 Websites on Community Behavioral Health:MentalHealth.gov is an online “library” for people looking for information about mental health. (SAMHSA) will soon release a Toolkit for Community Conversations About Mental Health to support communities interested in holding discussions about mental health using consistent information and approaches. +more
  • Fulfilling the Behavioral Health Care Agenda:Fulfilling the Behavioral Health Care Agenda+more
  • AAPC Best Practices for Electronic Media:The Judicial Ethics Panel of AAPC has developed this set of "Best Practices for AAPC Members in Relation to Electronic Communication." +more


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